As a conservative Republican, I am a strong supporter of the following:

Life: Life is the most precious thing in the world and our most valuable right. Biologically speaking, all life begins at conception.

The Second Amendment: The right to keep and bear arms recognized by the Second Amendment is an individual right that should not be infringed. I support constitutional carry.

Family and Traditional Values: The nuclear family is the foundation of all society. Government has a role in protecting and nurturing the values which promote stable nuclear families. Parents should be in control of raising and educating their children, not the government.

Secure Borders: A nation without secure borders ceases to be a nation. Border security and immigration policy are important functions of the federal government and should not be undermined by the actions of state and local officials.

Law Enforcement and First Responders: I believe we should handcuff criminals, not the police. I am a volunteer firefighter and EMT and have great respect for all those who answer calls for service from those who need help.

Free Enterprise: The role of government is to facilitate trade, not impede it. Competition leads to better products and services.

Farms and Small Businesses: Farms and small businesses are engines of innovation and growth. Their contributions to the overall health of the economy are important and cannot be taken for granted.

Balanced Budgets: Funding consumption today by indebting future generations who have no say is immoral. Taxes should be kept low by reducing the size of government or making it more efficient.

Limited Government: Government solutions are not the answer to every problem. I believe the best government is limited and local.

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