Republican Primary Voting Record

Table showing Republican Primary Voting History for Seth Wilson (8/8), William Wivell (8/8), William Valentine (4/8), and Bradley Belmont (0/8)

I believe voting in our Republican Party’s primary is important. As a lifelong Republican, I have voted in far more Republican primaries than are shown here.

Accountability is one of the principles that guides my public service. As a Member of the Republican Central Committee since 2013 and an elected party officer since 2014, I expect to be held accountable for my voting history because it is one of the few public records available to my constituents. I do not believe I should ask people to show up to vote in our primary if I am not willing to do the same.

Having said that, I encourage all Republicans to get out there and join me in voting in our party’s primary on July 19th! If you are unable to vote on that date, you can vote in person at an early voting center between July 7th and July 14th. If you are not able to vote in person for some reason, the deadline for requesting an absentee (mail-in) ballot depends on how the request is made. The deadline can be as late as the day of the election, July 19th. For details, you can visit the Maryland State Board of Elections web site (click here).

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