Where Is My District?

You should receive information from your local Board of Elections in the mail that will tell you what district you reside in. Until then, there are two ways you can check.

The first way is to go to this site maintained by the Maryland Department of Planning and type in your address in the upper left corner:


You can use that resource to check any address.

The second way is to check your own voter registration information in the official database at the Maryland State Board of Elections here:


If you have trouble using these resources, please just send your home address to contact@sethwilson.us and I will help you figure out what district you’re in. Please do not send your personal information like your birth date in e-mail. Just send me a note and I can put you in touch with the local Board of Elections for help if you want to confirm your voter registration information.

If you live in District 2A, then you are in my district and I would appreciate your vote in our Republican Party Primary in July!